Effective Solutions with Superior Execution. This is the mission of GATES Capital in each and every Investment Banking engagement. We are driven to identify the most effective solution to the capital / debt raising challenges posed by our not-for-profit and private sector clients – and to effectively execute those solutions to achieve superior results.

GATES Capital has distinguished itself as a market leader in the design and management of complex credit structures for the benefit of Not-for-Profit healthcare, human service, cultural, and educational institutions as well as for Project Finance and Real Estate entities in the housing, manufacturing, energy and middle-market corporate sectors. The extensive experience of our bankers and the fluid exchange of ideas fostered by the firm provides for a thorough examination of all available financing solutions, often culminating in the integration of select financing options and incentive programs – providing the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our clients utilize the proceeds of these financing programs to: refinance mortgages, loans and outstanding bonds; purchase real property, personal property and equipment; acquire/construct/ renovate capital projects; acquire other organizations/companies; and restructure unfavorable existing legal and/or capital structures, among other purposes.

We encourage you to continue to explore GATES Capital and how we may be able to assist your organization.