In today’s fast and volatile markets, you need a trading desk that works for you. GATES Capital utilizes cutting edge technology and resources to provide Superior Execution.

The GATES Capital equity trading desk’s (the “Equity Desk”) technology offers a wide range of rule based trading to execute all client orders and enables them to customize each order to meet their specific needs. Orders as simple as a hard limit order to more complex algorithms – GATES offers the best options for the client. GATES has direct connections to all ECNs, Market Makers and dark pool. We work to get our clients the best execution every time – no matter the size of the order and the liquidity of the issue.

Rule-Based Trading Technology

GATES’s systems have the capability to employ client designated rules whether it is a simple rule such as “Immediate (100%) or “Slice”, to a more complex rule such as “VWAP” or “Wave and Compete”. GATES’s rule engine allows users to create their own custom rules.


GATES’ systems provide connections to numerous market maters, exchanges & ECNs. All communications to and from the market utilize either the FIX protocol or a proprietary protocol specified by the destination.

Access to Baskets

GATES can group multiple orders into one entity, or basket, for tracking and trading simultaneously. The Basket functionality is flexible – within a single basket you can set different limits for buy and sell orders as well as different destinations for listed and OTC trades. GATES’ basket window displays the order details, wave details and other factual data pertinent to the basket such as total quantity and market value.

GATES Offers

Soft Dollar and Commission Recapture programs for our clients to obtain independent, third-party investment products and services.